Three, two, one, go! Kitten is taking off!

During several recent months we have been working really hard to bring our open-source react native products to the next level. We know that our initial attempt with react-native-ui-kitten was not really successful because of lack of functionality, no Android support and some other things. But we're not the ones who leave the product on the half-way and give up, that's why we decided to change the approach as well as our original idea.

Today we're really proud to announce new, completely refactored version of our framework and Kitten Tricks app, that contains huge variety of ready-to-use screens. Moreover, Kitten Tricks contains an on-the-fly theme switch feature, which is not well presented on the open-source framework and mobile starter-kit market nowadays. And the best of all, it comes for FREE.

In the meantime we will continue adding new features to the framework and Kitten Tricks app.

Please, let us know in comments what you think about new framework version and Kitten Tricks app.

Akveo team

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