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ngx-admin-preview This year we launched Backend Bundle products line. Before that, we had a lot of requests from developers on how to integrate our ngx-admin with backend. That makes sense, any cool UI needs to have an appropriate cool backend.

Every Backend Bundle product has Ngx-Admin as frontend, and one of the backends as REST API to serve data for frontend. We implemented backends in the following tech stacks:

Customer of each bundle receives the archive with code, frontend and backend parts, and running instructions.

This product helps us to eliminate routine tasks of initial project setup - on both frontend and backend sides.

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Apart from different backends tech stacks, you can select UI category - what's closer to your project from:

And today we are proud to announce the update of all our products in this line!

Release notes

The most important part of all new bundles is integration with the Angular 8 and the latest Nebular 4.1 featuring Eva design system, as well as the latest ngx-admin frontend. This gives UI styles flexibility and all perks of design system UI.

Another valuable feature is that we separated the frontend and backend code for all .NET and .NET Core bundles. Initially, it was considered as a helpful feature to make the user experience seamless. But due to the range of customer feedbacks, we decided to make it separate for better coding experience and performance.

New Functional Features:

Our nearest Plans:

We work hard to create efficient, understandable and stable full-stack templates, which eventually will move developer focus from initial setup tasks to business cases implementation! Hopefully, it's also fun to use, let code say it for ourselves, try and check it out!

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