Web app on top of Hubspot

The client is a fast-growing heat pump manufacturer & installer from the Netherlands. They were looking for a low-code developer/agency that could build the internal tool within a week! That was a challenge, to say the least.



Scope of work

They needed a web app that allows application engineers to:

  • See a list of orders (=deals pulled from Hubspot), and search on, e.g., order number.
  • Select an order and see all the data related to this order in a clear overview, incl. pictures (those are already available as URLs)
  • Manipulate this data if needed & send it back to Hubspot.


We had to create an application that could take a specific list of properties from Hubspot. Plus, our team needed to enrich it with information received from customers when filling out applications for the purchase and installation of heaters. As a result, we managed to integrate Hubspot, record all the necessary information in the CRM system, and develop a convenient web application for collecting customer information - all within one week!

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