User-friendly B2B platform

Our client is a B2B company operating in the healthcare domain. They developed a customer experience platform designed specifically for health insurance. The solution provides its end users (hospitals, insurance companies, etc.) with several front-end solutions to facilitate healthcare customer experiences. For instance, the platform displays specific user data about insurance cases and money paid and compensated.



The existing solution is hard to use for non-technical employees who communicate with clients and get the requirements for the expected tool. Furthermore, it took work to adapt it to smaller resolution screens. The standard process of creating platforms was long, expensive, and required developers. To address this issue, our customer decided to adopt a no-code or low-code platform to allow its employees to manage applications for clients much faster.

Scope of work

The project is in progress now. The future application will have the following characteristics:


The client wants to conduct a proof of concept fast.


They also need to reduce manual coding as much as possible.

Swiss Army knife solution

The solution will have all in-box features and functionality.

No-code development

A designer or product manager can easily create a working prototype using the low-code solution.

Adaptive Design

The solution is designed to work across all devices and resolutions. Our idea is to create a platform with a user-friendly interface so that non-techies can create modern applications in no time.

After collecting and analyzing the requirements, we proposed to develop a custom UX UI internal tool builder, which allows the implementation of different customer requests using one tool.

No-code development


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