Retool Mobile Application

Our client, a leading spirits and wine seller in Europe, urgently required the development of an internal mobile application for private client managers and administrators. Given the urgency and specific requirements, Retool was identified as the optimal choice for swift and effective development.



The project faced the challenge of a limited timeframe - only 280 hours available to go live within 1.5 months. The complexity was heightened as we worked on finalizing the Retool mobile app mockups concurrently with integrating essential functionalities into the database.

Scope of work

The comprehensive scope involved leveraging Retool to provide client managers with a superior, flexible interface compared to the previous application. Key features, crucial for client management, included viewing client profiles, accessing interaction history, modifying profile details, reviewing purchase history, configuring custom tasks based on client journeys, and exporting data for reporting and analysis.


The initial 20 hours were dedicated to prototyping the Retool application, collaborating closely with the client to define workflows effectively. The iterative process, supported by rapid communication and feedback loops, facilitated efficient testing, allowing quick adjustments.

Post-implementation and the successful launch of the Retool mobile app, users expressed positive feedback. The application notably streamlined internal processes, significantly reducing processing time for purchasing requests and optimizing overall efficiency within the company. The Retool application played a pivotal role in achieving these commendable results.

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