Retool HR Portal

A leading Pan-African marketplace, boasting a workforce of over 4000 employees across 10 countries, embarked on a journey to revamp their HR portal. The goal was to enhance flexibility, adaptability to local market changes, and seamless integration with both internal and external data sources. After experimenting with various low-code tools, Retool emerged as the optimal choice for developing the HR portal.



The project faced a stringent deadline, requiring development, testing, and going live within a tight three-month timeframe. This posed a significant challenge, especially given the complexity of the entire application. The task at hand was to swiftly develop numerous workflows with real data implementation.

Scope of work

Akveo dedicated two skilled low-code developers to spearhead the project. The journey commenced with the prototyping of application mockups using Retool, a process aligned with key customer stakeholders' inputs. Notably, the project adopted a unique approach by eliminating the need for business analysts in requirements clarification. Instead, our developers seamlessly incorporated all necessary features directly into the mockups, resulting in significant savings in both budget and time. This strategy ensured alignment with the application's business aspects before initiating the implementation phase.


The Retool HR portal was successfully developed within four months, slightly exceeding the initial expectations. The migration retained the entire functionality of the original app, transforming the system into a more elastic and user-friendly interface. This enhancement allowed for easy handling by various user types, enabling specialized edits based on region, local hiring considerations, salary calculations, and more. The outcome was a robust HR portal tailored to the specific needs of the Pan-African marketplace, providing a dynamic solution for the evolving demands of their diverse workforce.

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