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Located in Los Angeles, our client stands out as the sole virtual healthcare company in the U.S. founded, owned, and operated by women and minorities. Recognizing the exacerbated challenges of racial bias in healthcare due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity for inclusive virtual care has grown significantly. Step up to address these needs, they are committed to delivering urgent, primary, and preventive care to guide all individuals toward well-being. Our client operates as a dedicated team of eight professionals. Positioned within the healthcare sector, they navigate the intricate landscape of medical services.

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As a startup, their organizational structure reflects a dynamic and innovative approach. Embracing a private ownership model, they're poised to make a significant impact within their niche. Our client sought proficient low-code experts to create a swift, user-friendly Retool dashboard for their internal needs.

Scope of work

The Akveo team is tasked with crafting a Retool portal, consisting of multiple screens, within a 30-hour timeframe. This includes a primary screen featuring compliance statistics, schools' data, and student information. The application's functionality should enable users to exhibit data based on selected time intervals, conduct targeted searches using a search field, and seamlessly organize data through sorting and filtering options.


We've successfully delivered the app on schedule, comprising five distinct dashboards:

  1. Depict the progression of noncompliant student numbers at a particular school site over time. Present visual representations of monthly/daily changes.
  2. Enable administrators to access detailed student-level data for noncompliance. Display student information, including names, missing immunizations, and compliance status. Emphasis is on identifying missing immunizations.
  3. Monitor statistical disparities in noncompliance figures across school sites during different time spans. Highlight variances in noncompliant student numbers, indicating increases or decreases. Assess student engagement in uploading immunization records.
  4. Show the count of students approved by each nurse, accompanied by timestamps. Track nurses' engagements, appointments, and system logins. Evaluate nurse performance based on their system interactions.
  5. Furnish an aggregate overview of school-specific data, encompassing noncompliant student counts. Display trends in noncompliance changes over time for each school. Allow administrators to access detailed student-level data by clicking on individual schools.

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