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The client is a leading digital credential IT start-up connecting organizations and individuals and providing value across a verified identity network.

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As a SAAS product, our client has many internal processes that need to be optimized. In this case, the use of internal tool builders helps deal with the growing number of requests in the customer's system. However, the client's experience with low-code tools wasn’t sufficient for successfully implementing the tool on their own.

Scope of work

Our client has a program that designs and prints custom badges for customers. The badges need to be “mail-merged” with a person’s info and turned into a PDF to print. The client wanted to manage this process with an internal tool like Retool, AppSmith, or UI Bakery and get all data from Snowflake.

To be able to print it, they needed to turn it into JavaScript. This way, our team had to figure out the best way to implement this flow.


Using custom components in the internal tool and JavaScript, we developed a program that reduced employees' time for designing, putting the data, verifying, and printing PDF badges in one application.

Here is the flow:

  • The client designs a new badge.
  • Once finalized, the design is sent to PDF/PNG to the database.
  • The internal tool app processes the designed badges, then creates an HTML/JS file to implement this particular design and ensures it works.
  • Finally, a print file is created and printed.
PDF editor app
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