Lead generation tool based on Retool

A venture fund with a capital of $300M, primarily focusing on the Pre-Seed stage. They utilize Retool as an internal tool and have plans to gradually develop a lead generation tool integrated with Phantombuster and LinkedIn to attract new clients. Initially, we started with a small scope of work, and if all goes smoothly, we will proceed to develop additional features in Retool.



The venture fund may have faced challenges with manual processes, such as lead generation and client acquisition. These processes can be time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to human error. As the fund grows and aims to attract more clients, scalability becomes a crucial factor. Manual processes are often limited in terms of scalability, making it difficult to handle a growing volume of leads and clients effectively. By integrating Retool with tools like Phantombuster and LinkedIn, the fund can automate repetitive tasks and streamline lead generation. Automation enables them to save time, improve efficiency, and potentially increase the number of quality leads they can attract.

Scope of work

The project initially began as a proof of concept, with uncertainties about whether it would be the ideal toolset for automating internal processes. However, with each new feature delivered, the company experienced increased engagement and value. Currently, our focus is on developing a mobile version of the application, introducing additional features, and integrating with third-party services to enhance the prospect data.


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