Custom dashboard with HubSpot integration

Our client is a SaaS startup based in Oregon. They offer robust tools that enable design and engineering teams to collaborate seamlessly within a single workspace, thereby expediting the product development process. The primary goal of this project was to develop a customized CRM enhancement for their existing HubSpot platform. This enhancement would enable the client's sales representatives to concentrate on their key clients and deals.



The client lacked experience with low-code platforms, particularly when it came to integrating with HubSpot. Additionally, the client is subject to SOC 2 compliance, necessitating the creation of a secure solution. The project's objective was to retrieve custom fields from HubSpot and present them within the Retool platform.

Scope of work

In just 20 hours, our team successfully delivered the finalized application to the client. The application enables users to search for companies and access related contacts and deals. Users can filter the list based on contact date, industry, priority, and company size. Furthermore, users have the capability to search for companies within specific time frames. The application also offers a direct link to HubSpot for more comprehensive company details.


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