Retool portal

Our client, a compact self-funded studio, is committed to bolstering offline businesses. They cater to a range of offline services, from freediving training to surfing and swimming. Operating on a subscription-based model, their platform embodies their dedication to this cause.



The client possessed software-building know-how but sought expert aid in Retool development. They aimed to construct a portal enabling clients to monitor essential data: payments, clients, schedules, and more.

Scope of work

While desiring to use Retool, they lacked familiarity. However, they held Retool credits (25,000) for a subscription. The link closely mirrors their requirements. The main aim was to develop internal Retool portal to manage clients and payments, using flexible dashboards.


The Retool portal was constructed in just 40 hours, encompassing several sections accessible to coaches, including:

  • Payment data
  • Client information
  • Session management
  • Calendar view

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