Airtable projets dashboard

Airtable dashboard for a software development company to track and manage customers, projects and assignments.



The customer required a dashboard or tool to track project information and predict utilization, and they wanted to integrate it with a time tracking tool like YouTrack. Airtable was the ideal choice because it offers a flexible and customizable platform for managing data, allowing users to create custom tables, fields, and views that suit their specific needs. By centralizing customer information, Airtable can help manage ongoing projects and ensure that deadlines are met.

Furthermore, Airtable's integration capabilities enable software development companies to connect with other tools and services they use, streamlining their workflows and improving efficiency.

Scope of work

We totally spent 60 hours designing and developing the main dashboards for the project. Additionally, we successfully integrated Airtable with YouTrack, which allowed our customer to manage their data in a better way.

Projets Dashboard

Assignment dashboard


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