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Why I hate template markets

Why I hate template markets thumbnail
Intro My team and I started working on admin template for themeforest 9 months ago. It was rocky path, but in the end we’ve got a lot of important experience. We didn’t manage to get there, but today we’re happy to share our work and our story with the community. It’s not that we...
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Ionic: comments to myths after a year of development

Ionic: comments to myths after a year of  development thumbnail
It has been exactly a year since our team started the development of its first product - ionic dating tinder-like application for russian market. During the year of development, we faced lots of problem common to hybrid applications, now we have the experience and some thoughts that we would be happy to share with you. Why ionic? Ionic...
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Important best practices of Angular 1.x (my vision)

A lot of times when I review Angular 1.x code, that my team writes, I keep seeing same mistakes. Those types of mistakes I made myself when I first faced it. It took time for me to realize some important concepts, which are not very clear from the first sight. Another thing is that in Javascript and...
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