Fleet Management Dashboard overview and development steps
May 13, 2020

Fleet Management Dashboard overview and development steps

Irina Baranovskaya
Irina Baranovskaya
Head of Marketing

Here at Akveo, we've always wanted to provide engineers and non-tech people with an easy way to customize our products. Finally, we decided to create free templates. A template is a set of domain-specific demo applications that helps small and medium T&L companies to automate their businesses. 

The first template we've released so far is the Fleet Management Dashboard. So let’s talk about it in detail and find out how you can customize it.

Fleet Management Dashboard is targeted at cargo and fleet management companies that want to keep an eye on the main performance indicators of their vehicles.

The dashboard covers such important areas as vehicle diagnostic, real-time data, maintenance status, and finance analytics. The dashboard is implemented as a web application using our products Eva and UI Bakery

Development process in 4 steps:

  1. Brainstorm and features approval. With several successfully-delivered projects in our portfolio, we know what exact data is necessary for cargo and fleet management companies.
  2. Prototyping. Building a sketch file with prototyping data using Eva Design System.
  3. Template creation in UI Bakery. 90% of final dashboard is completed.
  4. Angular app template with responsive layout + some manual works with interactive elements.

The whole development cycle took only 2 weeks. That made us proud of ourselves because we achieved our big goal - to reduce development time by using our own products.

And as a Result we have a ready-to-use frontend solution. Feel free to download it for free and integrate it to your backend!

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular

To learn the dashboard better here is a quick overview of its 5 main Modules.

1. Dashboard

Provides an overview of a vehicle's status and geo-location in real time and sends notifications for system events (info, errors, warnings, etc.)

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular

2. Analytics For Revenue And Expenses

Allows you to aggregate data for revenue and expenses. Filtered by time-periods this dashboard also includes analytics for idle cost, fuel cost, and trips performance.

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular

3. Vehicles

Here you can manage your fleet, assign drivers, and track a vehicle’s key indicators and maintenance status.

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular

4. Trips

This section helps to schedule trips and plan fleet loading for future periods.

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular

5. Maintenance

This module contains a maintenance planner to schedule oil change, engine examination, filter replacement or engine repair. Besides, you can analyze the history of changes in your fleet too.

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular

You can use our Fleet Management Dashboard as it is and integrate it to your backend. Or customize it to your individual needs and turn the dashboard into a professional business tool for your company!

If you need any support with the second variant - we are here to help.

View LiveDemo to try and understand it better.

And as usual don't be shy to leave your feedback.

Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular
Fleet Management Dashboard on Angular
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