BlurAdmin 1.2.0 release notes
May 16, 2016

BlurAdmin 1.2.0 release notes

Vladimir Lugovsky
Vladimir Lugovsky

Hi everyone!

We were so pleased to see that our admin template had gotten a lot of attention by the community during it's initial release. That's why we decided to continue its support and development of new features.

Today we're very excited to announce version 1.2.0 of BlurAdmin!

Since our initial release we have received a lot of feedback from developers; then we understood the main things we needed to focus on:

  • Scrolling problems on high-density displays
  • Customization of our template
  • Documentation

This release may contain some breaking changes. That's why we ask you to read these release notes carefully, as well you can always ask question on GitHub or right under this post.

Scrolling problems

This was probably the most annoying issue for large number of users. Especially for people who use retina displays. The reason why scrolling was lagging was because we were using background-attachment: fixed in our panels to achieve frosted-glass (or blur) effect. Though on displays where window.devicePixelRation equals to 1 everything was working relatively well, high-density displays performed at extremely low frame rate.
To make a scrolling performant and not use this hack, modern browser should start supporting backdrop-filter css property. Safari supports it with -webkit prefix, but we can't say it's stable.

Summarizing all mentioned above we have decided to put Blur version to experimental mode and set Mint version as a default one. This means that we suggest using Mint version in production, rather than Blur one.

It doesn't mean that we stop supporting Blur version. They both have pretty much the same codebase, so we will continue developing both.

Customization improvements

We have been receiving a lot of messages from people who want to customize our template. A lot of them were related to changing the color scheme. Despite this was actually possible in previous version, it was a bit complex, because some derivative colors were hardcoded in sass styles.

The main goal of this version was to make use of tint, shade, lighten, darken and other color functions to provide ability for color variables to be changed in one single place, rather than having them spread across sass and js files. We think we did a great job doing this and made BlurAdmin very customizable.

For futher reference, please check out our article.

BlurAdmin documentation

Finally, we are very glad to release initial draft of BlurAdmin documentation! We tried to cover the most commonly asked questions there.

Documentation is available here: We will continue adding articles there. But you guys can always help us by telling what actually you want us to document. To do this, just create an issue in our GitHub repo.

Anyway thanks a lot for your attention. And as usual we're always happy to receive your feedback!


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